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Founded in 2009 by Chip Hawkins in Atlanta, GA, Wahoo creates innovative solutions to make hard fought goals attainable and lives better. Wahoo was built on the foundation of simplicity and the mindset that “there’s got to be a better way.”

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  • 2009: ANT+ KEY

    It all started due to a simple need: a better way to track, measure and share training data from your fitness sensors. That need spun into the ANT+ Key.

  • 2012: BLUE HR & BLUE SC

    With mostly ANT+ sensors on the market, Wahoo saw the opportunity to connect in a new way using Bluetooth Technology as an alternative. In 2012, we introduced the Blue HR & SC sensors, the first heart rate, speed, and cadence sensors that connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth.

  • 2013: KICKR

    We wanted to continue to build on this idea of connected training, and leverage technology to bring the hard rides inside and simulate the resistance and feeling of being outdoors. We set out to build something of our own, not knowing it would change the way cyclists train indoors and spark a revolution.

  • 2014: TICKR

    Keeping with the theme of connectivity, TICKR was built with dual-band technology to make heart rate and calorie tracking easy with whichever 3rd party platform or device you chose to train.

  • 2015: KICKR SNAP

    To build on the success and proven technology of KICKR, we wanted to give athletes and the market a comparable wheel-on smart trainer. Hence KICKR SNAP was born.

  • 2016: ELEMNT

    Now that we had indoor metrics figured out, it was time to step outside our comfort zone. We set out to radically simplify GPS bike computers from the setup to the user experience. The result was ELEMNT, a simply powerful GPS bike computer that uses the intuitive interface of your smartphone to configure and customize the device via the ELEMNT Companion App.

  • 2017: ELEMNT BOLT

    We refined the features and user experience with ELEMNT, but wanted to take the hardware design to the next level. We worked with aerodynamic experts to create a sleek, integrated computer and mount designed for performance.


    By 2018 we'd mastered tracking and sharing rides indoors and out; now our focus turned to making indoor training the most accessible and immersive experience it could be. We developed KICKR CORE, KICKR CLIMB & KICKR HEADWIND, to bring the elements and movement of riding outside, indoors, and allow athletes to build their dream indoor cycling ecosystem based on their training goals and budget.

  • 2019: ELEMNT ROAM

    With a performance computer in the portfolio, we set out to build a computer fit for exploration and adventure. We incorporated on-device navigation, a larger screen and longer battery to give cyclists the freedom to ROAM.

  • 2019: KICKR BIKE

    The obvious progression to this revolution was to replicate, not just your outdoor ride, but your entire outdoor bike setup. The culmination of this effort, KICKR BIKE, is a fully customizable indoor smart bike, with grade simulation, that uses the intuitive interface of your smartphone to recreate your outdoor bike ride feel.

  • 2020: ELEMNT RIVAL

    With many Wahooligan athletes' being multidisciplinary, we knew we needed to create a device to track all their workouts, and not just rides; A sport watch built for a seamless multisport experience.

  • 2021: SPEEDPLAY

    Simplicity is at the core of our DNA. With the acquisition of SPEEDPLAY pedals, we knew we had a superstar product that we could enhance the user experience of. We reengineered the legendary pedals for easier installation and maintenance, with the same powerful impact of performance and comfort on the bike.

  • 2021: SYSTM Training App

    To create a fully-integrated ecosystem and help athletes train more effectively, we knew we needed a software platform that wasn't just motivating, but comprehensive and built on cutting-edge sports science. The result is the Wahoo SYSTM Training App. With more content, features, and integrations on the horizon, this is just the beginning.


In order to be the best, you must train with the best. In July 2019, Wahoo SYSTM training platform became a part of the Wahoo family. Their holistic approach towards training and sports-science based workouts fell right in line with our mission to build the better athlete in all of us.


We are a group of individuals aspiring for greatness in everything we do. Passionate, free thinkers, and self starters who thrive in a casual, fun work environment.


We believe bikes make the world a better place and tough goals make us better people. We are constantly striving to make a greater impact on one another and the communities we touch.


An open invitation to all: if you are willing to get your hands dirty, think outside the box, and work as hard as you play, we want you to be the next Wahooligan. Being an endurance sports junkie is not part of the criteria, we just look for passion and excellence in everything we do. Explore our open positions and reach out if you think you’d be a good fit.


Does this sound like you? We’re always looking for passionate people from all disciplines who share these values and are looking to play an active role in inspiring and transforming athletes. Are you ready to make a difference?

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