KICKR Run Smart Treadmill

Meet KICKR RUN, a revolutionary rethink of the traditional treadmill that brings cutting-edge technology to your run experience, to minimize distraction and maximize the realism of running indoors.

Wahoo KICKR Run

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Meet KICKR Run

Meet KICKR Run

Let your feet fly.

Run Free

The immersive RunFree mode allows you to run naturally - the treadmill adjusts to match your pace without interaction. With a maximum speed of 4:00/mile, sprints, intervals and tempo runs just got even better.

Dynamic Movement

The responsive surface, grade simulation and lateral tilt of the treadmill emulates ascents, descents and outdoor surfaces to challenge and engage the same muscles as running outside.

Intuitive Design

The clean console and accessible control paddles minimize the need to interact with the treadmill during your workout so you can focus on running.

Seamlessly Connected

Compatible with leading apps such as Wahoo, Zwift, Kinomap, Humango, Peloton, KICKR RUN delivers a connected running experience with metrics that matter: ground contact time, vertical oscillation, cadence.

The treadmill that's not a treadmill

Run Real

By offering unmatched levels of control and feel, KICKR RUN frees runners to run naturally and experience the joy of unbounded running when they run indoors.

Run real

Real Running Features

RunFree Mode

Using advanced position sensing technology to automatically adjust the belt speed to your stride, KICKR RUN allows you to run hands-free, even as you change your pace. This immersive engagement frees you to run naturally and focus purely on the joy of running.

Run free mode

Elite Speed

With a max speed of 4:00/mile, KICKR RUN gives runners the ability to train at paces required to achieve personal bests.

Elite Speed
Responsive surface

Responsive Surface & Lateral Tilt

Outdoor running surfaces like asphalt, tracks and trails, provide a natural energy return that propels you forward and helps to create a more efficient stride. KICKR RUN emulates this ground-feel, challenging certain muscle groups to respond actively when you're running indoors.

With side-to-side tilting capability, KICKR RUN offers a more dynamic running experience, allowing runners to vary the pitch of the surface on the fly, keeping important foot stabilizer muscles prepared for varying outdoor terrain.

Run Simply

KICKR RUN minimizes the need to interact with the treadmill during your workout, freeing you to focus on your pace, your form and the natural joy of running.

Run simply

Simple Running Features

Speed & Grade Control

When runners want to take control, KICKR RUN makes it as simple as the nudge of accessible control paddles that can be adjusted without breaking your stride.

Intuitive Speed & Grade Control


With a safe, open-ended belt design, KICKR RUN provides a sense of endless freedom, allowing you to stride unbound and unrestricted.

Endless deck

Clean Console

Created to let you run with minimal interactions, KICKR RUN’s console offers essential control and visibility, while eliminating anything that could get in the way of your workout.

Clean Console

Your Workout. Your Screen.

KICKR RUN is designed to use your phone, tablet, laptop or TV as your heads-up display and a way to control your training experience. Immerse yourself in the realism of virtual runs or stay focused on the intervals ahead during structured workouts. The choice is yours.

Your Workout. Your Screen.

Screen not included.

Run Connected

KICKR RUN is a smart treadmill designed to seamlessly connect to training experiences and devices that will help you get the most from your indoor workouts.

Run connected

Connected Running Features

Connected Training

Explore immersive workouts with KICKR RUN as you dive into Zwift's virtual landscapes or seamlessly follow your TrainingPeaks workouts in the Wahoo App that automatically controls gradient changes.

Connected Training

Screen not included.

Automatic Speed & Grade Control

KICKR RUN works with popular training apps like the Wahoo App to automatically set the pace and grade for the next interval during structured workouts.

Automatic speed and grade control

Training Accessories

The Wahoo ecosystem is an integrated indoor training experience that offers endurance athletes of all levels the tools they need to get faster, fitter and have more fun while chasing their goals. For runners, Wahoo offers the KICKR HEADWIND smart fan and other accessories to connect you to your workout.

Training accessories

Supporting Features

  • Safe & Secure: KICKR RUN offers several features to make sure you and those around you are safe at all times. When in Run Free Mode, a unique time-of-flight sensor keeps you safely positioned on the treadmill as your pace varies, with no manual input required.
  • Ultra Quiet: Designed to minimize noise, KICKR RUN allows you to train with less distraction.
  • Premium Install Service: We will deliver, assemble and set up KICKR RUN in the room of your choice.
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Direct Connect
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Laptop Shelf
  • USB-C Charging
  • Bottle Holders
  • App Interaction Buttons
  • Advanced Running Data
    (ground contact time and vertical oscillation)
Zwift Kinomap Humango


  • Size: 72” x 38” x 58”
  • Weight: 275 lbs
KICKR RUN dimensions
KICKR RUN dimensions

KICKR RUN Smart Treadmill FAQs

What is a smart treadmill?

There are several features that make KICKR RUN a smart treadmill. The primary features are RunFree and Automatic Grade Control. RunFree mode uses sensors to automatically adjust the belt speed to your pace based on your position on the treadmill without having to touch a control. The automatic grade control feature adjusts the running surface up and down from a -3% grade to a maximum 15% grade incline. The self adjusting speed and adjustable incline treadmill can be disabled if desired.

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Is the deposit refundable?

How do I get a refund on my deposit?

“Astoundingly addictive. This is by far the best treadmill running experience I’ve ever’s mind-boggling...super super cool!”

- DC Rainmaker