KICKR Thru Axle Kit

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    This kit includes drive side and non-drive side adapters for bicycles with 12x142 or 12x148 thru axles. Note: This adapter is compatible with KICKR CORE, KICKR MOVE, and KICKR v4(2018) and newer models of KICKR.

    Note: Kit also includes Shimano style and SRAM XD/XDR style freehub lock nuts that need to be installed.

    What's Included?

    • 142 non drive side adapter
    • 148 non drive side adapter
    • Drive side spin cap
    • Shimano style freehub lock nut
    • XDR style freehub lock nut

    Tech Specs

    • Compatibility: KICKR CORE, KICKR MOVE, and KICKR V4 and newer models