Monthly Challenges

Monthly Challenges are designed to give you small, achievable goals to get you moving, both on and off the bike.

July & August

Proven in the Peloton

days left!

Join us for an exhilarating French adventure like no other!

This summer, Wahoo X invites you to prove yourself like the pro peloton and take on some of France’s most iconic climbs. No matter if you are a climber, a sprinter, a GC rider, or simply here for the scenery — dive into our best-of-France workouts made for elevating your fitness.

This challenge will run from July 1 to August 31, and you will need to stick with us throughout the summer to achieve your badge. As well as some familiar iconic workouts,  the challenge also includes some new workouts which will be released along the way!

The Wretched

46 Mins

58 TSS

Wolfpack Insider: France

56 mins

37 TSS

There is no Try

49 mins

62 TSS

Mt. Ventoux

2 Hrs 14 mins

136 TSS

The Trick

58 Mins

73 TSS

On Location Classic Climbs of France: Col de Braus

46 Mins

55 TSS

On Location Classic Climbs of France: Col de la Couillole

1hr 13 Mins

87 TSS

On Location Classic Climbs of France: Alpe d’Huez

Releasing August 8

Training Plan available

We also created a training plan for you to help you complete the challenge.

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New Workouts

On Location Gran Canaria

Join your host Mike Cotty On Location as we explore the beautiful island of Gran Canaria. In this series we’re bringing you three unique workouts with plenty of high and low cadence work, strong tempo efforts and even some good ol’ fashioned sprints for good measure, making sure you’re working your system to become a more efficient and accomplished rider by the end.

On Location Gran Canaria

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